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2020 Volunteer Recognition Awards

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Due to Covid-19 our VRP Banquet unfortunately had to be postponed.

We are honoring our award recipients by featuring each of them on our web page and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Congratulations SESULA MINERAL & GEM MUSEUM from Radisson - Museum of the Year!

To see full write up about Sesula Mineral & Gem Museum and photos, please click here!

Congratulations JOANNE RIVERS WING from North Battleford - Artist of the Year!

To see full write up about Joanne and photos, please click here!

Congratulations RUSSELL FERSCH from Elrose - Coach of the Year!

To see full write up about Russell and photos, please click here!

Congratulations REECE GILBERT from Unity - Male Athlete of the Year!

To see full write up about Reece and photos, please click here!

Congratulations LLOYDFEST 2019 -  Culture Development & Promotion Award Winner!

To see full write up about Lloydfest 2019 and photos, please click here!

Congratulations AMBER L'HEUREUX from Glaslyn - Female Athlete of the Year!

To see full write up about Amber and photos, please click here! 


Rivers West District for Sport, Culture & Recreation is pleased to announce the 2020 Award Recipients of the Rivers West District Volunteer Recognition Awards.

Press Release

Upcoming Rivers West District Workshops

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Sports Medicine Zoom Workshops!  Facilitator Heather Hynes, MSc, RD, CSSD

June 17th at 7 pm - Sport Nutrition for Modified Training  Learn about the importance of fueling your body for training.  We will discuss the importance of food and fluid timing for optimal training adaptations.  Participants will also have hte opportunity to ask questions specific to their sports.                                                                                                                                                                                                           CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 15TH                                                                                                                                                                                                     

June 25th at 7 pm - Sleep & Performance  Learn about the importance of sleep quality for overall health and sport performance.  Participants will learn new strategies to maximize sleep and the importance of building a healthy routine with wake times and bedtimes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 23RD 


Non-Profit Fund-Raising Strategies 

  • There has never been a more critical time to maximize your organizations fundraising strategy and determine where the best opportunities are to build your existing and new relationships. This session will provide you with a template to confirm your overall annual fundraising strategy; identify the basic fundraising opportunities available to all non-profits; help you to prioritize the ones with the most potential and finally how to factor in your cost to raise a dollar which is important during lean times.        
  •        Wed, June 3rd 4-6pm CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY MAY 31ST

 Thurs, June 11th  1-3pm CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 8TH

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention 

  • Volunteers are the lifeline of our communities and non-profit organizations. Their importance often means they are highly sought after and hard to find. Many communities find it is the same people helping out in multiple groups and would like to find more people to support the fact that many hands make light work.  This course will provide creative ways to recruit new volunteers; ensure your organization supports their willingness to help through clear and concise roles and responsibilities; prevent burnout and encourage retention; and create a volunteer culture that promotes and supports the goals of your organization.

 Thurs, June 16th 9:30-11:30 am CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 13TH

 Thurs, June 18th  4-6pm CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 15TH

Workshop Facilitator for the above four workshops is Wendy Plandowski:

Wendy Plandowski is passionate about sharing her non-profit experiences across Alberta and Saskatchewan.   While serving in different leadership roles at Lakeland College, Wendy was the liaison on over eight community boards including economic development agencies and as 2008 Chair of the Saskatchewan Summer Games.   During her tenure as CEO of the Lloydminster Health Foundation, she worked with the volunteer board to fundraise for community healthcare.   In her current role as a business owner supporting rural customers, Wendy also is volunteering as the Director of Volunteers for the 20-21 Saskatchewan Games. Wendy enjoys facilitating group sessions in a casual and collaborative learning style.

Strategic Planning Tips for Boards

  • Trying to move ahead in an organization is difficult if there is not a solid plan in place. Boards have a responsibility to ensure that the organization has a clear direction. This can be accomplished through an effective strategic plan. This session will highlight the importance of a plan, parts of a strong strategic plan and discuss tools that can assist in the development of this.

Thurs, June 4th 10am-12pm CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 1ST

Running an Effective Board Meeting

  • How often have you attended a meeting and there does not seem to be much effective work done? This session will explore what needs to occur pre-meeting as well as some pointers on Robert’s Rules of Order that can be used during meetings so that time is used effectively.


Thurs, June 11th 10am-12pm CLICK HERE TO REGISTER BY JUNE 8TH

Workshop Faciilitator for the above three workshops is Glenys Reeves-Gibbs:  

Glenys’ professional experience spans close to 30 years and her work has spanned a number of sectors. Her focus in always on techniques and tools to assist organizations to grow through strong leadership strategies. Glenys’ approach comes from a combination of experience and training. She has served on many not-for-profit boards as a director and as part of the executive committee. As well Glenys has experience working and reporting to a board. A Master of Arts in Leadership in combination with training as a Certified Executive Coach supplement her hands-on experience. Her work has included development and facilitation of professional training, executive coaching services, leading strategic planning, assessment and consultation on programs and services using a systems lens and assistance with strategies for effective change management. Glenys’ experience, training and natural ability to build effective working relationships assists her to develop a collaborative approach with organizations she works with.



Valued Volunteer Workshop  POSTPONED!!

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in an Intergenerational Setting.   Brenda Robinson, speaker, trainer, writer and consultant, will provide strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteers!  Plus, guest speaker, Andrew Exelby, Communities in Bloom Co-ordinator!  You don't want to miss this!  For more information and/or to register, please click here.

Expression of Interest
Rivers West District wants to know what workshop you would like to hold in your community! We offer a variety of workshops and want to provide exactly what your community needs to succeed. To let us know you are interested in hosting a workshop in your community, please fill out the Expression of Interest and return it to Bonnie Mills Midgley by:

  • Mail: P.O. Box 717, St. Walburg, SK, S0M 2T0
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone or Text:  306-344-7473 (cell)